The conventional cylinder-pin jacking system combines continuous jacking with an advanced damping system to enlarge operability of the Jackup platform, up to a significant wave height of 1.86 meters. Recently Vinci-Bouygues awar- ded the order to Ravestein for the Design & Built of a Conti- nuous Jacking System including the legs with a jacking capacity of 8 no x 4,000 ton is total capacity of 32,000 ton.
The new jacking system consist out of two crossheads. Each crosshead has three locking cylinders and six climbing cylin- ders. During normal jacking, one crosshead climbs and one crosshead returns for the next stroke. In pre-load mode the two crossheads work together. For protection, the jacking system is built into jack-house, which also works as guide for the spud-leg and reduces the vertical loads on the jack-up barge. The jacking-speed of the jack-up platform is 30 m/hr. The maximum jacking speed per leg is 45 m/hr.