Our new developed Mobile Ravestein Loading Facility provides a, plug and play but, permanent solution, for putting up a complete loading facility into a port quickly and cost effectively. The berth can be put up anywhere in the world and can accept various material handling systems for example for bulks & ores but also for crude oil or even container cranes. The facility will be equipped to suit your needs for loading your type of materials with either new or existing ship loaders.

The facility consist of a large Jackup Platform, ensuring safe operations. It is fitted with a berthing line of series of ship fenders to receive specific ship types, ship loaders and the shore connections. A series of monopoles or triangle piles are hammered into the soil to keep the Facility in position. The Jackup Platform arrangements ensures a proper loading height at all times.

The facilities are built complete at the Ravestein shipyard in The Netherlands, transported to your Port and installed and commissioned by Ravestein’s experienced installation teams. The installation times on-site are limited, minimizing the requirements and pressure of the in port logistics and downtimes lost in your ports during installation.

The facility remains mobile always allowing an option to relocate the facility if operations are stopped.

At the moment the fabrication at the Ravestein yard of this Loading Facility is completed and loaded out. The Facility together with Ravestein’s crane barge and installation equipment are mobilized in the beginning of December 2013. At arrival in the destination port, the piles and triangles are placed, the jackup connected and the shore connection put up. Until connected to the grid she remains self-supporting by a total of 1500 kVa power generators. The inboard generators installed remain with the berth for redundancy in case of black outs. The time on-site will be limited to a total of 4 weeks.

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