Welcome to the website of Ravestein B.V., Shipyard and Construction Company, located in Deest, the Netherlands. Ravestein specializes in heavy steel constructions such as bridges, lock gates, roll-on/roll-off landing stages, jack-up platforms and backhoe dredgers. For any queries, remarks of questions please contact us.

Recent work

  • Pontoons

    GENERAL DESCRIPTION Design, construction of a transport Pontoon for Ravestein B.V. With this seagoing barge Ravestein B.V. can transport projects...

  • Projects EN, Roro Linkspan

    GENERAL DESCRIPTION Provide upgrades to the existing roll-on, roll-off (RoRo) berth at Twelve Quays, Birkenhead in order to allow use...

  • Pontoons, Projects EN, Roro Linkspan

    GENERAL DESCRIPTION Design, Engineering, Delivery and Installation of One (1) Ravelink Ro-Ro main dimensions Pontoon (HxW) 60.00×34.00/45.00 meter, main dimensions...

  • Projects EN, Special Structures

    GENERAL DESCRIPTION The construction, transportation and installation of one new steel Ship Caisson “Bateau Porte 16” for the Naval Base...